Luke is a fun loving shy boy with a passion for music, he loves to listen, sing and play. He was born with Microtia and Atresia and is therefore deaf in one ear however this has not stopped him achieving, he has sang in his school talent show for the last four years.

Luke was lucky enough to meet Matthew at a Microtia Mingle in Leeds which just happened to coincide with the Gala of 2014. Luke and Matthew instantly connected as they were the same age and both had shared similar experiences growing up. Matthew and Janice invited my son and I to watch him play at the gala where Luke was very impressed with the standard in which both Matthew and Nieve could play. Luke met both Justin and Merrill and Luke was lucky enough to be asked if he would like to learn to play an instrument with the Hearing Fund UK.

Luke started his keyboard lessons in November of 2014 and had eight lessons prior to the Xmas gala. He performed We three kings and I do not believe that he got a note wrong. His keyboard teacher so far is very impressed with him and said that he has a keen ear for music and has learnt at a very fast pace.

Luke is exceptionally shy around strangers however when he gets on stage he seems to come alive. We are hoping that this amazing opportunity and experience will increase Luke’s confidence. He is looking forward to performing again at the August Gala and is hoping to help raise lots of money for the Hearing Fund UK.

Claire Johnson (Luke’s mum)



My mum is a huge fan of The Osmonds and this is how I first heard about The Hearing Fund UK. I attended the first Gala, raising some money but only knowing the basics of what the fund did and how they helped. The more Justin spoke about the fund, the more I realised just how important it really was, I honestly couldn’t see life without listening to One Direction! As cliche as it sounds, music is a huge part of my life. I see it as not only an interest but a motivation too and the thought of having music taken away from me is a crazy thought!

Bearing this in mind I decided to jump further into fundraising. I helped at cake sales in schools, coffee mornings in York and Wetherby, raffles and tombolas.  The biggest event was my abseil that I did with Justin and Pauline on the Cow and Calf rocks at Ilkley. Throughout the year I raised £408 and I’m hoping to raise a lot more this year! Also raise awareness too!

Beth, Young fundraiser age 16.


Josie and Alison fundraising year Sept 2012- Sept 2013

What an incredible year we have had! Still floating from an incredible weekend in Sept 2012 we started our next years fundraising! Here are just some of the things we did.

. Lots of cake sales in schools and work places.
. 10K run.
. Coffee morning in York . We had a book stall.
. Name the bear.
. Butterfly compacts and diaries.
. Silent Auctions for two of Merrills necklaces.
. Indulgence raffles.
. GT in Sheffield and Leeds including Osmond quiz and raffle.
. Homemade cards calenders.
. We held two Tombolas in a shopping mall.
. Afternoon Tea in the beautiful Queens hotel.
. A room in Wetherby Town Hall was hired for fundraising throughout the day..

We are always promoting awareness of The Hearing Fund UK too, through speaking to people , leaflets with info and stickers we give to children.
We were so pleased to present Justin with a cheque for £3,800. It’s been an amazing year for us.

A big thank you to everyone who bought from us , donated prizes and also gave up their time to man some  of the stalls.It truly has been a team effort!


Justin Osmond will be taking part in Charity Abseil!

Ahead of our charity gala evening ‘A Night to Remember’, Justin Osmond will be taking on the heights of the Cow and Calf rock face Ilkley on Wednesday 28th August to raise money for the Hearing Fund UK charity. He will be joined by charity team member, Pauline Redpath and 16-year-old fundraiser, Beth McConnell and Radio Leeds will be supporting the event on their morning show!

If you would like to support Justin and the team, please visit PayPal via the button below to make a donation (the amount is entirely your decision). We will keep you updated with their progress!


Matthew – Hearing Angel 2012-13

Matthew-JustinMatthew was born with unilateral Microtia Atresia a condition that means he has no right ear or ear canal. He also suffers from tinnitus in his good ear. This makes it very difficult for him to hear clearly particularly in situations where there is any background noise and he finds hard to follow conversation relying on eye contact and the understanding of others around him. He has never let his disability stop him in any way and through his fundraising and association with The Osmonds has grown in confidence and determination.

From a very early age Matthew has enjoyed music and theatre particularly ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ . He has watched Donny in Joseph many many times, learnt all the songs and even performed his own version at home. As a special treat he was taken to see the The Osmonds at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. After the concert, Matthew was lucky enough to meet Merrill, Jay and Jimmy Osmond. He told them all about his hearing impairment, his ‘little’ ear and the hearing aid he uses at school. Jimmy told Matthew about his two older brothers who were born deaf and how their mother sent his other brothers out singing to raise money for hearing aids. Jimmy’s words touched Matthew’s heart and he was inspired to do something positive to help other kids like him and raise money for hearing impaired children in the UK. This chance meeting after the show was not only the start of Matthew’s fundraising  but also made Matthew proud to be different. Read more about Matthew and his fundraising.


Gerry Ferry

gerry & justinThe church I attend (Acomb Methodist Church, York) puts on coffee mornings once a month to raise funds for various charities it, or the Methodist Church as a whole, is connected with. On 10th November 2012 we held one in aid of the Hearing Fund. Various people from the Facebook group volunteered to help – we had cakes, presents that people could buy for Christmas gifts and a couple of quizzes. We also had a name the Bear.

We all had a really good time talking to people about what the Fund was all about. Nicola Bentley came with her absolutely adorable little boy Joseph (see above) and they sat with some of the children who were making decorations. We raised £180 on the day, which was fantastic!

Afterwards, we went to lunch to talk about the morning and whether we wanted to do it again – and we do, and we ARE – this time it’s in Summer and will take place on Saturday, 8 June from 10.00am – 12 midday, and we would love to see you there!

Acomb MC have donated funds to the Elizabeth Foundation before so they know about their work and I think that helped launch the church’s future (hopefully) association with the Hearing Fund UK. The Donations Group, which annually gives a percentage of their income to various causes, have given the Fund £300. Acomb MC also have an annual Christmas Festival, and the Hearing Fund UK had a sponsored tree – not to raise funds, but awareness of the Fund’s existence, and this was very successful.

My thanks to everyone who came to the coffee morning, those who helped on that day – Janette, Josie, Alison, Tracey, Lucy, Beth, Nicola and Joseph. Also, I want to thank those who helped with the tree decorations.

See you at another Fundraiser soon!


JacobJacob is a two year old little boy I look after who loves to bake.  His favourite part is using the wooden spoon to mix and lick the bowl out!  He even has his own mini baking set .
I regularly bake with Jacob for The Hearing Fund. These cupcakes sell very fast! Jacob was planning to give Justin a cheque for £24 he had raised but he became ill while Justin was over. He is hoping to meet him next time!

Another activity Jacob enjoys is reading. I have a wide variety of books including, ‘Oliver’s Hearing Aids’ and ‘ I Can’t Hear Like You!’ Once Jacob is a little older I can use the books to explain hearing loss to him and how the fundraising he is doing helps deaf children in his area.
So for the moment he is just having fun while raising money!

Josie McConnell



evelyn with merrillMerrill Osmond has helped me immeasurably. Although he is probably best known for making music, Merrill is also interested in healing.  He says that if he hadn’t had a career in the entertainment world, he would like to have been a doctor. During a wellness weekend that he held a few years ago, he healed me of a number of ailments. In a sense, prior to that weekend, I was hearing-impaired – not physically, but with regard to the Holy Spirit. Through Merrill, I was cured of my spiritual deafness & experienced joy I never knew was possible! So if something is dear to Merrill’s heart, then it’s dear to mine. I have also been moved by Justin’s book, Hearing with my Heart, & by his inspirational example. The Osmond family has truly helped me & enhanced my life, so it’s lovely to be able to give something back! Read more about Evelyn’s sponsored hedge planting…
Photo courtesy of Jayne Canlin


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