The Team

merrill osmondMerrill Osmond as lead singer for the world-famous Osmond family, is now an established solo artist. He has performed in almost every major venue in the USA, as well as the United Kingdom. Merrill has toured the world and it’s his incredible voice as the lead you hear on hits such as “One Bad Apple”, ”Crazy Horses”, “Yo-Yo”, “Down by the Lazy River”, “Love Me for a Reason” and many other countless hits. In collaboration with his brothers, Merrill has sang lead to the group’s collective 27 gold records – many of which he shared the production credits and has written the music and lyrics for five number one hit records. Collectively the Osmonds have produced 47 platinum and gold records. In the history of the rock era, no other recording artists have earned as many gold records in one year as the Osmond family. Not even the Beatles surpassed the record of the Osmond’s eleven gold award certificates in one year, a record the Osmonds still hold today.

Merrill’s passion to serve others comes from his devotion to God and his fellow man. His love for the lives he touches shows up in his philanthropic work as the co-founder of the Osmond Foundation, which produces the “The Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.” He has also been awarded “Honorary Chairman,” and “Medalist,” in his work for the Utah Special Olympics.

Most recently he was honoured with a Knighthood by the Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem in recognition of his philanthropic involvement with religious and charitable organizations.

Justin OsmondJustin Osmond, the second son of Merrill & Mary Osmond was born with a profound sensorial-neural hearing loss.  Diagnosed at the age of two, he finally got to hear life’s precious sounds for the first time.

After 12 years of intense speech and listening therapy, Justin can speak with passion and hear with conviction while motivating and encouraging others with hearing impairments to achieve their dreams.

Justin’s journey to better hearing had many obstacles and challenges that represented stumbling blocks, despair and lack of hope.  But his will-power, determination, desire, and hope surpassed all hurdles that stood in his way.

Despite the inevitable, and with a 90% hearing loss, he went on to play the violin, viola, piano, and drums.  Justin’s received numerous awards such as the prestigious sterling scholarship in music, academic scholarships, honorary achievements, and many athletic titles in soccer, football, basketball, and track.

He is also proud to represent the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout and he currently has his Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

Justin served for 11 years as public relations, board member, and a spokesperson for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, providing hearing help to children worldwide.   He traveled the world with one object in mind:  To leave Better Hearing Smiles behind.

Justin launched the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund in 2010, in honor of his grandmother Olive, with a focus of bringing the gift of better hearing to hundreds of children living with hearing impairments around the country and globally, while raising deaf awareness and promoting hearing educational services.

Justin knows first-hand what it is like to live in a world without sound. In his book “Hearing with my Heart” he shares his story with the world in order to help all people understand the struggles of being hearing impaired and how to overcome them.  He lives every day by his personal motto:  “I may have a hearing loss, but that hearing loss does not have me.”

Shane Osmond

Shane Osmond, the third son of Merrill Osmond, brings a diverse background to the Hearing Fund UK, where he is currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer.

Throughout Shane’s life, he has been surrounded by loved ones living with hearing loss. His love for his family and seeing the challenges they go through has ignited his passion to help others living with a hearing loss.

Shane recently graduated from Western Governors University with his MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree. Shane has also worked in the telecom and health care industries, providing each industry with marketing, sales, and customer service expertise. Aside from the management & corporate world, Shane has a heart of a philanthropist and enjoys his profession the most when in the service of others.

Shane currently resides in Utah within the United States of America, but he calls the UK his second home. Shane’s true joy in life is his family. He is married to the love of his life who has given him three amazing daughters. A son will be arriving in March of 2013!

Shane strives to live by his personal motto, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

tracey beaumontTracey has been a friend of The Merrill Osmond family for many years and was honoured to be part the team that launched The Hearing Fund UK in 2011/2012. A few years earlier Justin Osmond, the founder of the charity, had discussed with Tracey the concept of making his Grandmother’s dream come true and he is delighted to see his idea become a reality here in the UK.

Over the years Tracey has helped establish her family’s quarrying and aggregate business as a leading UK supplier. She is a no-nonsense business woman with amazing organisational and inter-personal skills. Tracey has already successfully organised charity balls and events for corporate and private organisations alike and she brings all of this experience together in her role of Chief Executive of the UK Hearing Fund.

Tracey is a committed and dedicated member of The Hearing Fund UK and feels passionate about the future of the charity. With her characteristic energy and enthusiasm she has assembled a great team of volunteers and is looking forward to seeing the charity grow from strength to strength so benefiting more deaf children and their families in the UK.

Tracey lives in Yorkshire with her husband, has four daughters and has somehow, until very recently, also found the time to volunteer to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis charities… another cause close to her heart.

pauline-redpathPauline has been a fan of the Osmond’s since the early 1970’s and is excited to be a part of the Hearing Fund UK.

Throughout the years Pauline has been involved in many volunteer positions including, being a school governor, the secretary for her local Family History Society and a leader in the children’s, youth and adult organizations within the LDS church. Pauline has previously worked one on one with a profoundly deaf child and this experience has contributed to her passion for the Hearing Fund UK and it’s desire to help deaf children and their families.

Pauline is a graduate of the National College of School Leadership through the Anglia Ruskin University and currently works as a business manager in a large primary school. Pauline lives in Bedfordshire with her husband Ian. Between them they have 6 children and 13 grandchildren with the 14th due in December.

Pauline was asked to take on the role of Chief Operations Officer after contributing to the Hearing Fund UK’s very successful 1st and 2nd annual galas.

joanneJOANNE MILNE is an inspiration to everyone!  Merrill and Justin Osmond asked Joanne to become an Ambassador for The Hearing Fund UK and we are proud Joanne has agreed to join our team and help raise awareness for The Hearing Fund UK.

Joanne says…..As someone who was born profoundly deaf, I know first hand the struggle and challenges that come with deafness.  I was one of the lucky ones with incredible support and speech therapy was widely encouraged so that I could communicate with both the deaf and hearing worlds. 

In 2003, I was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome – a condition that also meant I was losing another sense – my sight due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) hence my decision to have bilateral cochlea implants. The YouTube video showing the switch on in March 2014 went viral across the globe spreading the message that the gift of hearing truly is a miracle.   This was life changing and although I see myself as a normal girl who has just had to ‘get on with things’ – it’s incredible how the rest of the world have stepped back and thought for a minute what life would be like not hearing your child’s voice, birds sing, listening to your favourite music – all those wonderful sounds we all take for granted.

Jos bookIt gives me great pleasure to be an Ambassador for the Hearing Fund UK and we have lots of exciting plans so that we can continue to improve the lives of those touched by deafness. Together we can continue to encourage others to support us – whether it be fundraising, raising deaf awareness or simply spreading the message of our worthwhile cause.

Watch Joanne hear for the first time:

Joanne meets the Osmonds on the BBC:

Breaking The Silence by Jo Milne, out on the 26th February published by Hodder & Stoughton, £16.99




Celebrity Supporters

Jane MacdonaldI was delighted and thrilled to have been personally invited by Merrill and Justin Osmond to perform at the 2012 Gala for The Hearing Fund UK.

It’s such an important cause, because deaf children need every opportunity to flourish and grow, and given the right support there’s no reason why this can’t be the case. Their wonderful Charity Partner  has significant experience in helping preschool deaf children learn to listen and talk. My personal thanks for all you’ll do to help raise money for this important cause – I hope you have lots of fun!



Cliff Richard Press Photo 2012“Bringing music to your ears”.  What a wonderfully appropriate concept and I’m only too happy to urge you all to support The Hearing Fund UK not only tonight but in some on-going way.

Have a fabulous evening and congratulations to all the Osmond family for launching such a challenging and worthwhile initiative.  All your many fans in Great Britain will be right behind you!

Love……Cliff Richard




Shane RitchieLooking forward to getting out of the queen vic for the night & spending the day in Leeds to raise awareness & to support such a worthy cause, plus I get to catch up with my buddy Merrill Osmond, watch out for some very special guests on the night – see you all there!

Shane Richie x












gareth-gatesI got to know The Osmonds whilst performing on the Boogie Nights tour, so it’s great to be reunited with Merrill and share the bill with Jermaine Jackson. It’s a bonus it’s on my home turf and for a great cause. It’s sure to be a fun night!