Childhood deafness is a cause close to the heart of the Osmond Family and The Hearing Fund UK exists to raise money to support deaf children and their families here in the UK.

The hearing fund is led by Justin Osmond, whose father, Merrill, is the lead singer of the world famous Osmond group. It is established in memory of Justin’s grandmother, Olive Osmond, and is supported by members of the family.

The Hearing Fund UK is run and managed by Tracey Beaumont and Justin Osmond.
The Olive Osmond  Hearing Fund (OOHF) was established in 2010 in the United States in honor of Osmond family matriarch, Olive.  The OOHF was founded to bring “Music to Your Ears” and help those men, women and children living with a hearing loss in communities throughout America.

The Hearing Fund UK is the sister organisation of the OOHF, with Justin Osmond, second son of Merrill Osmond (lead singer of the Osmond’s) at the head of both and with similar aims, however the Hearing Fund UK is a separate legal entity, and focuses its support on deaf children and their families.

Childhood deafness is a cause close to the heart of the Osmond family. Merrill’s two eldest brothers, Virl and Tom, were born with hearing loss, as was his son, Justin, the Fund’s President.

After 12 years of intense speech and listening therapy, Justin can speak with passion and hear with conviction while motivating and encouraging others living with a hearing loss to achieve their dreams.

These days in the UK, deaf children do not pay for their hearing aids but the support that they and their families will receive make such a huge difference to their lives and language.

Justin’s own childhood experiences have developed a passion for fundraising to help deaf children and support their families.

We’re delighted to be working with friends of the Osmonds, and look forward to hearing about their fundraising activities!

Any money raised can be sent to the Fund via cheque (please email tracey@hearingfund.org.uk for details of where to send your cheque) or paid through our ‘Donate Now’ button – which automatically adds Gift Aid!

Because we only exist to raise money and awareness, it is not necessary for us to register with the Charity Commission as a Registered Charity. Therefore, we are working with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who are themselves a registered charity.

Your fundraising efforts and donations are for The Hearing Fund UK, who will make an annual donation from its Trust Fund to a charity partner.

‘The Hearing Fund UK’ is established under the Charities Aid Foundation (registered charity number 1450370). www.cafonline.org

Each year The Hearing Fund UK will make a donation to a UK Registered Charity whose aims and objectives match our own.
Of course. The Hearing Fund UK exists to raise funds and awareness for deaf children and their families and we are delighted for any donation to be made to any charity. However, it is easier to gauge our own success if money is raised through The Hearing Fund UK.

The UK friends of the Osmonds have, over the years, been some of the most loyal throughout the world. We invite them to throw their support behind the hearing fund and help raise funds for a cause which is very close to the Osmonds hearts, supporting deaf children and their families.

We will give you all the encouragement that we can, but unfortunately, as we are ourselves volunteers, we won’t have the capacity to help with individual events. Please  tell us all about the event once its finished, and we will profile your event on the Fundraisers page, along with any photographs that you send us.

We are incredibly grateful for your fundraising efforts. However, we can’t accept donations that have been raised through events which are likely to cause embarrassment or disrepute for The Hearing Fund, the Osmond family and/or our Charity Partner. If in doubt, please contact Tracey tracey@hearingfund.org.uk or Pauline pauline@hearingfund.org.uk who will be happy to advise.