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The Hearing Fund UK, “Olive Osmond’s dream of Bringing Music to your Ears”, exists to raise funds and raise awareness for deaf children and their families here in the UK.

We’re looking forward to working with the many friends of the Osmonds here in the UK! – We invite you to put the FUN into FUNdraising and help us bring “music to the ears” of thousands of deaf children here in the United Kingdom.

Niamh – Age 8

Niamh is continuing to progress really well with her violin lessons provided by The Hearing Fund UK.  She can now play “Twinkle Twinkle”, “French Folk Song”, “Lightly Row”, “Song of the wind” and is just starting to learn her 5th song “Go tell Aunt Rhody”. As well as learning all of these songs, Niamh is now also a member of Yorkshire Music Club, a small orchestra of young deaf musicians that meet every 2 weeks. She has just started working on playing “The Dr Who theme” on her violin as part of the group, which she really enjoys. Niamh is looking forward to meeting you all again at the Gala Weekend and playing on stage with Justin Osmond August 2014.

“The support from the Hearing Fund UK has helped me not only to learn to play the violin but has meant that I am now a much more confident person. I have performed in concerts both individually and in groups which I have really enjoyed. This year I took my Grade 1 exam and passed with distinction which shows just what can be achieved if you work hard. Some of the pieces I have learnt have been tricky but with perseverance I have managed to master them. I would like to thank Justin for being my inspiration and the Hearing Fund UK for all their help. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Niamh 2Niamh

Matthew – Age 11

By Matthew English.

In 2012 the Hearing Fund UK made my dream of learning to play the violin come true when they provided me with a violin and sponsorship for lessons. Learning to play the violin has given me more confidence and I have worked hard to achieve Grade 3. Knowing that I can be good at something has helped feel proud and good about myself especially at school. I love seeing people happy listening to me play and when I play I forget all about being different having microtia and a hearing loss. I am Matthew English who plays the violin and not just Matthew with the little ear.

Matthew and Paul Whittaker      hp-violin

Thanks to the intervention of the Hearing Fund UK Matthew’s dream of learning the violin became a reality when the Hearing Fund UK presented him with a violin in September 2012 and sponsored lessons in recognition of Matthew’s fundraising.

Unfortunately Matthew was not able to begin violin lessons until the end of April 2013 as he was badly injured in an accident at school. However since then he has made amazing progress and practiced very hard. In September 2013 Matthew achieved his goal to play the violin on stage with Justin Osmond at the Hearing Fund UK gala. He played ‘Any Dream will do’ because the Hearing Fund have made his dream come true. Since the gala Matthew has also taken part in a concert in Oxford- to mark 25 years of the charity ‘Music and the deaf’ . as well as play for the Mayor of Bromley at the hearing impaired unit that support him at school.

Matthew’s teacher and Matthew  work one to one in a quiet environment means Matthew can concentrate and listen without background noise which can make it very difficult for him to hear. Matthew learns a lot through watching his teacher carefully as well as through feeling the vibrations in his cheeks. They also work in front of a large mirror during classes so Matthew can easily watch what Sylvia is doing and copy her. Sylvia understands about Matthew’s deafness and ensures at every stage that he has fully understood but more importantly she offers him encouragement and praise which boosts his confidence to succeed. Matthew also has Emma Newton of Newtons music shop in Merstham, Surrey to thank for helping him to continue playing. After she saw the video of Matthew and Justin playing at last years gala and spotted Justin playing one of her custom made silver violins,  Emma offered to provide Matthew with a larger size violin as sadly he has now outgrown the original one presented to him by Justin.

Learning to play an instrument and perform in public has massively boosted Matthew’s confidence and improved his self-esteem. Music has provided the opportunity for Matthew to show that he can achieve as well if not better than other hearing children.  He has shown that if you try hard you can overcome your limitations and deafness is not a barrier to achieving your dreams.

Matthew has not allowed his microtia and deafness to hold him back. Prior to the Hearing Fund UK Gala, Matthew asked, for the first time, to have his hair cut short so everyone could see his little ear. He was not only proud to be playing the violin on stage but also proud of his deafness and of who he is. Music has definitely transformed Matthew. I’m immensely proud of Matthew and all that he has achieved especially in his acceptance of his microtia as well as his commitment to helping other hearing impaired children and raising deaf awareness. His involvement with The Hearing Fund UK has made him proud to be ‘different’ and fully accepting of his hearing loss.


John – Age 9

john-age9“Playing the sax is wonderful. Thank you to the Hearing Fund for sponsoring me.  I love playing in Stockport Junior Wind Band.  I won an award at school for music.  I look forward to my music lessons each week.  Justin & the Hearing Fund UK is a great inspiration to me.  THANK YOU!“





Luke – Age 11

luke-age-11Luke started his keyboard lessons in November of 2014. Since starting his lessons I have noticed several benefits since being sponsored by the Hearing Fund. His concentration levels has vastly improved. He really benefits from individual lessons as he can focus his hearing on the teacher with no other distractions. His last school report stated that he exceeds in music, he recently also received a distinction in musical theatre. From September Luke will be starting to study for his Grade one music exam. Thank you so much to the Osmond’s and to the Hearing Fund for giving Luke and all the other amazing children this awesome opportunity.




Adam – Age 14

adam-age-14Adam was selected in 2015 to be sponsored by the Hearing Fund UK and was honoured at this Opportunity. He loves his music and is constantly wanting to play a variety of instruments but has worked really hard over the past 12 months learning the Violin that he was presented at the 2015 Hearing Fund Gala. Adam has grown in confidence since starting his lessons and he feels that he can now read Music to help when playing other instruments. Adam is now looking to become a music teacher when he leaves school in a few years’ time to help and encourage other deaf and hard of hearing children to experience music and to grow in confidence by having a focus by playing an instrument.





Where you wish to donate to the Hearing Fund UK, your donation will be made to the ‘The Hearing Fund UK’ established under the Charities Aid Foundation (Registered Charity Number 268369)